Here are a handful of home remedies that you can use for everyday health problems. These remedies have been tried and tested through the centuries and involve the use of cent percent natural ingredients.


Sick of the having your new black dress look like it just snowed. Try this home remedy to chase those dandruff induced blues away. About ten to fifteen minutes before you wash your hair, rub a lot of Aloe Vera gel into your scalp. Then shampoo your hair like you usually do and rinse off.

Acidity and Heartburn.

You will never have to feel that searing pain in your gut after meals with our natural home remedies for acidity and heartburn. Take one piece of clove and suck on it slowly. This will give you relief from acidity and also help in reducing the onslaught of diseases arising out of acidity. You could also eat a cup of vanilla ice cream or drink a glass of cold milk to get heartburn and acidity relief within minutes. If the symptoms still persist, eat some almonds to relieve heartburn.

Common cold.

Our home remedies will unblock your stuffy nose and ease the symptoms of your cold. Make nasal drops by adding a quarter teaspoon of table salt to about 4 ml of lukewarm water. Use a clean dropper and put 2 drops in each nostril three to four times daily. Garlic juice made by adding few drops of garlic oil to a teaspoonful of onion juice and diluting it in a cup of water is helpful for common cold. Ginger tea or a teaspoonful of ginger juice taken with equal quantity of honey brings relief from common cold.


The juice of ripe grapes is an effective home remedy for a migraine. For a sinus headache, eat a jalapeno pepper as soon as possible. Within minutes your sinuses will start to drain and the sinus headache will subside. If you have a headache due to exposure to cold air, mix one teaspoon of finely ground cinnamon in one teaspoon of water and apply on the forehead.

Now that you know about these popular home remedies for common ailments here are some tips that will help you in the kitchen too.

Self-cleaning Pans.

This one’s a great time-saver. Use aluminum foil to cover the insides of pots and pans and other dishes when cooking in the oven. After you’ve finished cooking you just have to throw the used foil away. Now you have a perfectly clean pan without any of the hassles of cleaning up.

Better French Fries.

To make better French fries soak freshly cut potatoes in water for five minutes, drain and pat dry before cooking. This will remove the extra starch and ensure that your fries do not stick together.

No more tears.

Here’s a new tip for cutting onions without getting all teary-eyed. Light a match and blow it out. Then put the non-burnt side of the matchstick between your teeth while you cut the onions. The sulfur on the burnt end will absorb the fumes from the onions and you won’t have to shed a tear every time you chop onions.

Microwave Scum.

Tired of food remains that are splattered all over the inside of your microwave? To easily remove this mess, place a sponge soaked in water in the microwave. Cook on high heat for two minutes. The filth is now ready to be wiped right off without any scrubbing.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

Kevin Pederson handles many websites relating to natural home remedies such as, which has lot of information on home based natural cures and remedies. Treating various small and big problems with the help of home remedies and kitchen tips.
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There are many types of medications for erectile dysfunction in the market today. Finding the right cure should be taken with the necessary precaution so as to alleviate and not aggravate your medical condition.

Below are some medications for erectile dysfunction. Find the best cure for you now!

1. Oral medications

Oral medications require a certain amount of time before it takes effect. A person taking oral medication for erectile dysfunction should take it at least an hour before sexual activity.

Below are drugs known as phosphodiesterase (PDE5) inhibitors. These drugs work mainly by blocking the enzyme PDE5, thus maintaining the level of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (GMP). Intake of these medications, coupled with sexual stimulation, increases the blood flow in the penis, causing erection.

Incidentally, these are also FDA-approved drugs.

PDE5 Inhibitors as Medications for Erectile Dysfunction:

Medication Developer / Distributor Unique Selling Proposition Duration Common Side Effects

Sildenafil (Viagra) Pfizer First oral medication for erectile dysfunction approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; brand name Viagra is more commonly known than its competitors 4-5 hours Headache, flushing, indigestion, nasal congestion, impaired vision(Applicable for all PDE5 inhibitors.)

Vardenafil (Levitra; Vivanza) Bayer Pharmaceuticals (Levitra); GSK (Vivanza, another brand of vardenafil) Nausea (Unique to this drug only.)

Tadalafil (Cialis) Lilly ICOS, LLC Known as “The Weekend Pill” because it lasts longer than Viagra and Levitra 36 hours Back pain, muscle aches

(Onset 12-24 hours after use and usually lasts up to 48 hours.)

To get a hold on these drugs, doctor’s prescription is necessary.

2. Injected Medications

Unlike oral medications, injected medications for erectile dysfunction take effect automatically.

Ways to administer injected medications for erectile dysfunction:

a. Inject directly into the penis.

Injecting drugs directly into the penis causes the blood vessels to widen, allowing blood increase to flow into the organ, thus providing it with a sufficient amount of blood needed to sustain an erection. Most men achieve stronger erections when using injected medications.

b. Inject into the urethra (Muse system)

Drug is injected about an inch deep into the urethra.

Side effects are inevitable with this type of medication, especially if the instruments used are not sterilized. Most common side effects for injected medications are:

• Scarring

• Redness

• Tenderness and swelling

• Minor bleeding or spotting

• Priapism or persistent and painful erection

• Allergic reactions such as rashes, itching, dizziness, and difficulty in breathing

• *For Urethral Injection:

- Burning sensation in the urethra

Standard drugs used as injected medications for erectile dysfunction are:

• Alprostadil (i.e. Caverject, Edex)

• Phentolamine

• Papaverine

Alpostadil as medication for erectile dysfunction:

• Safe to use even for men with medical conditions such as diabetes

• Safe for men taking nitrate-based medications and prostate cancer treatments

• Unsafe for men with penile implants

• Should be taken at a maximum of 3 times per week (allowing one day rest period between for each injection)

3. Topical Medications

An example for this type of medication is nitroglycerin. This acts as a muscle relaxant which, when rubbed on the penis, can enhance erection.

Another example of a topical medication for erectile dysfunction is the TriMix Gel. A research showed that men who did not get the desired effect from oral medications such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, got a better response from this medication.

Precautionary measures to take when using TriMix Gel:

• Use a condom to prevent your partner from having an allergic reaction, especially if pregnant or sensitive to prostaglandin.

• Do not use if you yourself are sensitive to prostaglanding. Consult your doctor before using this type of medication.

• Be sure to wash your hands before applying the medication.

• Clean the tip of your penis before applying medication.

• Do not put more than necessary.

FORGET Cialis and Viagra. Those expensive drugs do not work and leave you frustrated. We have the risk free and cheap way to have better sex permanently using medications for erectile dysfunction. Visit to become bigger TODAY!
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Anyone who is a ... knows that looking for a new job or career is a job in itself. Once you have ... the ... task of writing your resume and ... it to various ... you

Anyone who is a jobseeker knows that looking for a new job or career is a job in itself. Once you have completed the laborious task of writing your resume and submitting it to various companies, you now have to pass the screen test to get the job. Interviews are the gateway to landing your ideal job. These five tips will help you get own your way to making that job yours.

Tip 1

Be Confident

Your first impression is your only impression.

Nothing is worse than a limp handshake, slumped shoulders, poor eye contact or poor communication skills. A potential employer can tell immediately if you are the man or woman for this job by your body language. Although aggressiveness is a turn-off, being passive gives the indication that you are not sure of yourself or your qualifications. Keep eye contact when answering questions or when the interviewer is speaking directly to you. Smile occasionally to show your interest and enthusiasm. Keeping a steady gaze on the interviewer can be disturbing to an interviewer. Look away occasionally. Lean forward to show that you are interested in what the interviewer is saying. Speak in a concise and clear voice. If you have problems annunciating certain words, don't try to use them on an interview. If this is difficult for you, practice with a mirror and pay attention to your facial expressions. Other interview killers: Slouching in a chair, Crossing your arms, Playing with your hair or jewelry, Leaning back in chair

Tip 2

Act As If

You are what you believe.

Act as if you had the job. What would you do if you had this position? How would you act? How would a person in this position act and speak? What are your responsibilities in this position? What is a typical day like for you in this job? Change your attitude towards yourself and your strengths. If you start thinking that you won't get the job, you will do small unnoticeable things to sabotage your chances. Great free resource:

Tip 3

Know The Company

Know the business.

I once sat on a couple of interviews where the interviewees did not do any research on the company. This sends a message that you are looking for any job, not this specific job. Once you're interview is scheduled, get on the net and start finding out everything you can about the company. A good place to start is, which gives you industry information, top competitors, names of CEO, etc. If you'd like to know what current or former employees have to say about the company, try Beware of disgruntled postings. Call the company headquarters and ask for the marketing department to get specific information. Weave your research into the interview by stating. I read an article in the Wall Street Journal, which mentioned that your company is thinking about XYZ. This lets the interviewer know that you have taken the time to know more about the company. You can ask questions about something you read, but don't challenge them or you'll come across as a know-it-all.

Tip 4

Be Prepared

Know what to say.

Most interviewers ask the same standard questions about your strengths, weaknesses, former employers, work history. If you are being interviewed by several people, this might be a good cop, bad cop situation. Pay attention to who is playing bad cop, they are looking for signs of weakness and dishonesty. To be well prepared, before the interview, write out all your accomplishments, both personal and professional. List your strengths and weaknesses. Be honest, it's easier to remember the truth than it is a lie. Extra Tip: Write out situations in which you have demonstrated: leadership skills, determination, stress management, creativity, and flexibility. Be prepared to answer the question: Why do you want this job? If you're not sure, reevaluate your decision. If you arrive a few minutes early, review what you wrote in the waiting room before the interview. Great list of interview questions:

Tip 5

Ask For The Job

You get what you ask for.

The most important step in the interviewing process is one most people miss. ASK FOR THE JOB! Most interviewers are waiting for that closure. If you have done everything exceptionally well during the interviewing process, but have not asked for the job, you've just wasted an interview. Asking for the job shows the potential employer that you are assertive, confident and right for the job. It might feel uncomfortable, but this is your only chance to ask for something you really want. Make sure your voice is firm and you make eye contact. Think of it as your closing argument, you've got to win over the jury. You should also ask the interviewer if he or she thinks you are right for the job. Even if they tell you something unpleasant, think of it as a lesson learned. However, do yourself a favor and ask for the job. You deserve it!
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