Abu Dhabi is one of the most modern cities of the world and is known for its sky touching skyscrapers and stylish lifestyle. The hotels of Abu Dhabi range from airport, city center to beach side and are providing best service and quality accommodation.

Abu Dhabi that means the 'Father of the gazelle' was first settled in 1761 by the tribesmen who found fresh water oasis. The city is almost an island and first settled by nomadic tribesmen in mid 18th century. The city then was not more than a small fishing village with a fort. It took the road of success and progress as the financial and trading boom took place with the discovery of oil in 1950.

Abu Dhabi the capital city of UAE is known for its urban architecture, green parks, fountains and most happening and exciting lifestyle. This cosmopolitan city is the center of most of the headquarters of all the government activities in Emirates. Being the capital of the state, it is home to the cabinet, head office of the president of the state, several oil companies and foreign embassies and for many of the commercial markets.

The city of Abu Dhabi is situated in the desert and it has completely transformed itself in the past decades by constructing spectacular resort complexes, marvelous golf courses and by building some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. It is never short of attractions and offers a lot to the tourists coming from all round the world. The major attractions for the tourists are White Fort which is also known as Al – Hosn Palace, Heritage Village, Cultural Foundation, Liwa Oasis, Al Ain Museum and an array of endless attractions.

Al –Hosn Palace is recognized as one of the oldest building in Abu Dhabi built for the residence of the ruling family and the seat of government. Now it has been used as Center for Documentation and Reserch by the Cultural Foundation. It is the place where one can find the documents related to the heritage and history of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region.

Heritage village is a perfect illustration of the lifestyle and traditions of the Bedouin and other cultures. Another must visit attraction of the city is Women's Craft Center which is a government run handicrafts center which carries out weaving, embroidery, sewing and basketry along with many other methods of handicrafts.

Abu Dhabi offers a range of airport, city-center and beach side hotels which are meant to provide the best and classy accommodations.It has a range of airport hotels which includes Shangri-La which is one of its kinds in the fast evolving city of Abu Dhabi. The hotel is just around 10 minutes drive from the international airport. Tourists from all over the world continue to flock to Abu Dhabi for its marvelous and exciting attractions and preferred to stay in Shangri-La airport hotel which offers around 161 spacious and tastefully decorated apartments that ranges from studios to four bedroom units. It covers the area of around 8.5 hectare and one can enjoy the striking views of ocean sunset right from the room of the hotel.

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