The IIPM Publications are conceptualized as the confluence of higher education, training and research in realms of economics, entrepreneurship and management and IIPM's philosophy informs the editorial approach adopted across the portfolio of publications. It has always been a fore-runner in academic endeavors and setting new benchmarks in management education and practice, thanks to our flexible interface and wide access.

Founded by IIPM professors, IIPM publications are carried out by IIPM's media initiative, Planman Media. All IIPM professors have to compulsorily contribute to IIPM – Planman Media's magazines and journals regularly. The IIPM magazines and journals symbolize the new norm in scholarly publishing: first-rate editorial review, a liberal access policy and competitive prices that any institutional library can easily afford.

These magazines and journals aim to significantly integrate academia and industry and thereby create and communicate intellectual capital. They act as a platform wherein creative and valid ideas, contemporary and tacit knowledge can be accommodated and archived. These publications create a space where ideas and unconventional theories find a place for wider expression. Their editorial policies (which put scholars at the forefront) aim at empowering professionals everywhere to lead more productive (work) by disseminating knowledge processed here at the IIPM Think Tank.

IIPM firmly believes that greater heights are attained in case of an educational institution only when it firmly rests itself on three pillars of knowledge and skills transfer, new knowledge creation and dissemination, and knowledge preservation for future retrieval. While industry oriented teaching takes care of the first dimension, our research initiatives in the form of working papers, monographs, case studies, etc take into account the second dimension. Finally, with an aim to widely dis[censored] knowledge IIPM has ventured into developing text books which will compulsorily have Indian business precepts and practices in the backdrop. The purpose essentially is to free the students from the shackles of foreign text books which are written for a different audience and deal with an alien business environment. In the coming months IIPM Business Press – our unique initiative in publishing – intends releasing a number of studies, working papers, monographs, case studies and of course text books straddling almost all areas of business management and economics. In fact some of the books are already at the stage of being printed.

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