When you're spinning the tunes for someone, you aren't toting records along with you anymore, are you? Instead, you will bring your laptop and an extensive collection of mp3 selections. This is going to streamline your DJ business and it will allow you to have as much or as little music with you at any given time. You need to have as many songs as possible, but what happens when you're toting around duplicate mp3s? Everyone has repeats of some songs when they borrow music from others or download less than legally, but when you're a DJ, you can't afford to take up any additional space on your hard drive. With duplicate song finder software, you will not only be able to make room for more tunes, but you will enhance your DJ skills.

Lots of Music, Little Time

If you're up in front of an audience, you need to show the folks that you know your music intimately. When you have thousands of songs before you, this can seem to be an impossible task. However, with duplicate song finder software, you will begin to remove the extraneous songs which have been cluttering up your hard drive, allowing you to reach for the song you want immediately instead of spending time hunting. Dead air should never be a part of your show, after all. By running this software every now and then, you will be able to see how many files might need to be tossed or placed on a CD for later use.

Cleaning Up Your Music Collection

As a DJ, it's a better use of your time to collect music than it is to sort through it. With duplicate song finder software, you can let the program do the work for you. Just run this program every week (or more often if you collect a lot of music every day as some DJs do) and you will begin to see just how many duplicates you have and what needs to be removed or deleted. Just by cleaning up your music collection, you will begin to not only see room for more music, but you will also find that your computer runs more easily and quickly. Hard drives like to have some additional room to breathe as they tend to slow down when things are a bit too tightly packed on your computer.

Ready for Anything

With duplicate song finder software, you will begin to notice your DJ gigs are a bit easier. Simply by getting rid of the extras in your collection, you will begin to see what you actually own and how these songs can be strung together during your next music set. From weddings to dance parties, you will have a collection of music that is streamlined and ready for any mood you want to create with the tunes you choose.

With duplicate song finder software, you will be able to reduce the bulk on your computer, which leaves room for new music to tantalize the crowds as you DJ.

Max Smirnov, Duplicate Song Finder Software Author
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