The are many id printers available in the market. Too many that it will take time before you choose the right one.

Everywhere that you go today people is using plastic cards. They are used for a broad range of things. Some examples are medical cards, badges for employees and employers, gift cards, luggage tags, grocery VIP cards and phone cards. In order for a company to make these cards they will need a plastic card printer.

There are different kinds of these plastic card printers. One is the Zebra plastic card printer. This is a well known name in the business of card printers. They are used all over the world. These printers can make all the plastic cards that we mentioned above and so many more. They make a basic card to a high security card for all kinds of businesses. They can even do photo cards like for drivers license cards or employee cards with photos.

Pebble 4 plastic card printer is another one. This printer is great for the single sided cards. It will make these cards in mere seconds. The use magnetic tracks and smart cards and RFID. You can feed one hundred card s into it at one time. It comes with a three year warranty.

Dualys 3 Color Printer also produces these cards. This printer also feeds a hundred cards at one time. It uses smart cards, RFID and magnetic tracks. These encoding choices can be pooled to personalize multifeatured cards in a solitary pass. These cards can be used for just about any reason that you can think of that these cards are used for.

Of course there is the Magicard printer also. This printer does it all. It will create cards from just plain cards to cards required for high level security. They also permit you to put visual security on your card and it will not cost you anything additional. This printer can make proximity cards, barcodes cards, magnetic cards, the smart cards, RFID cards and is PVC cards.

Another printer is the Quantum Thermal Printer. This one can print a thousand cards at one time. It does the double sided card. This is for high volume and high personalization cards. This printer will flip the card back and forth without you having to do a thing. This printer is best used by places that have to produce a lot of plastic cards. Places that would benefit from this printer are places like the healthcare system, like hospitals and places that have a lot of employees that use the time clock.

There are more printers out there but we have given you a good idea of what is available out there.

A lot of places also allow their employees to wear their badges on a lanyard around their neck. This allows them to keep their badge with them at all times. These plastic cards can easily be hooked to the lanyard. Now they have badge attachments such as the badge reel to use to secure the badges. These badge reels come in many different styles and colors and can be found where you buy your printing supplies.

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