"I can get the same thing at GNC or WalMart..."

Who hasn't cringed at hearing that? And sometimes, even reps have told me THEY think their product is kind of expensive.

What to do?

Instead of trying to justify the price at that moment, ask yourself this:

Are speaking to the right person? They might not be a member of the niche.

"It's too expensive" is a completely subjective assessment. Depends 100% on the values and priorities of the person speaking.

And we're not the same in values and priorities.

My Range Rover is "too expensive" according to some who are happy with something less expensive.

My tennis racquet is too expensive for someone else who gets theirs at WalMart

My organic spinach is too expensive for someone who doesn't mind regular.

However, my copy paper I don't care about, and I get the cheapest recycled stuff there is. For someone else, that's important and they get the expensive, good kind.

Think of anything that matters to you - your child's education; your skin or your shoes, or a hobby or cause you are completely devoted to. When it comes to those things, is anything too good?

Do we even need a reason to get that special high-end stroller, that Prada outfit or the must-have new computer or video console?

Here's a little secret: Everything that is extra special to you is something that you are not especially price sensitive to.

It's the "nothing's too good for X" syndrome.

If your health is #1, you will do what it takes to keep it. If your supplements are important to you, you'll spend what it takes on the high end supplements. I know I do.

Moral: Whenever someone tells you "It's too expensive" the person is likely NOT a member of your niche - they don't share your values about the thing you are marketing.

Like asking someone if they play tennis. How long will you keep nagging if they say they don't play?

Find your niche partners. People whose values, as reflected in your product or service, are similar to yours. They're not price sensitive then because they share that value.

So keep on asking - for members of your niche.

Kim Klaver is Harvard & Stanford educated. Her 20 years experience in network marketing have resulted in a popular blog, http://KimKlaverBlogs.com, a podcast, http://YourGreatThing.com and a giant resource site, http://BananaMarketing.com
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