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Get Your Keywords In The Right Place & Have The Search

Engines Love Your Pages!


(c) Erika 2003

Do you use a side navigation bar on your website?

Many of us do - it makes for an eye-catching, easy-to-use

navigational layout.

The received wisdom is generally to place these sidebars

(constructed by using tables) to the left of the page. The

main reason for doing this is that visitors reading

western scripts read from left to right, and are therefore

more likely to be drawn to text at the beginning of a reading


This is great, but unfortunately, search engines don't read

like us humans.

If a page has tables in it, a search engine robot will read

from left to right, yes, but it will read the entire contents

of a table before moving on to the next one, since it treats

anything after the tab as main body text, even if we

don't intend it to be.

Chances are that your web pages are laid out with tables; the

first containing a logo, then second containing the navigation

bar, and subsequent tables (appearing to the right of the

navigation bar) with the text WE view as the main body text.

This means that your keyword rich text often doesn't appear

until some way down the page as far as the search engine robot

is concerned.

Since search engines determine relevancy by analyzing the

occurrence of words, particularly at the top of the page, this

type of layout is ultimately going to hurt your rankings.

I've struggled to find ways of overcoming this problem in the

past; e.g; introductory keyword rich text above the logo and

keywords in the side bar.

I achieved some success using these methods, but as a webmaster

in a competitive sector, I've been unhappy about

with leaving my carefully honed body text so far "down" the page,

when maybe competitors had the edge.

Then I discovered a way to arrange the table layout so that text

you want humans to see also appears first to robots.

You simply ADD ANOTHER VERY SMALL CELL to your table layout.

It's difficult to illustrate exactly what I mean in an e-mail text -

the easiest way is to take the following HTML examples,

cut-and-paste them to them into text editor, and from there, into

your HTML editor, then compare the results;

First an example of a typical table layout, which leaves

The body text in the wrong place;


Product 1



Contact Us

lots of body text with selected keywords< d>

< r>

< able>

Now re-write the layout having added an extra cell;

< d>

lots of body text with selected keywords

< r>


Product 1



Contact Us

< r>

< able>

If you put this code into your WYSIWYG editor, you'll two see

layouts that look very similar, but with the second set of code,

your keyword rich body text will be in the place you need it to

be, and providing you've got the right mix of keywords, the

search engines will LOVE you!


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