It has been an amazing 7 years since the PSP first launched in Japan. The Playstation Vita will be released in a little over a month’s time and for many that will spell the end of the PSP's wonderful tenure as an outstanding hand held system.

Now is the best time to consider the great titles that the PSP introduced us and countdown the ten top PSP video games we have enjoyed over the last seven many years.

10. Wipeout Pure. This game was with us at the very beginning of it all and all this time later it is nevertheless in my top ten list of video games released on the system. The futuristic racer has been a favourite of many for years. Right from the time it was first introduced, long before the PSP even existed. Rather than basically racing you also have the chance to destroy your competitors and collect power ups. This is an fantastic combat racing game.

9. Grand Theft Auto – Liberty City Stories. This was like every other Grand Theft Auto game in that it was controversial. It was also like other Grand Theft Autos in that it was a lot of fun. Whether you were following the orders of the Liberty City crime bosses or just heading out on a mindless rampage this was a lot of fun.

8. Lumines. This is the 2nd launch title in our list. Back then it seemed like the system would be full of amazing games. It is a little disappointing when you consider that two launch titles made it to a final top ten list but in fairness this is another exceptional game. A bizarre puzzler that is hard to describe. It would be even harder to explain why it is so much fun.

7. Sid Meier's Pirates. A popular PC game that was ported to the PSP. It crossed over well and was a very entertaining technique game. You made your residing pillaging and sailing the globe with your conquered ships in tow powering you. Outstanding fun.

6. Star Ocean: Second Evolution. This was an excellent role playing game. Set in the future and in a far-away galaxy this game had an outstanding story, outstanding characters and amazing graphics. Fit to grace anyone’s PSP top ten list.

5. Star Wars Unleashed. This action game was fun for anyone, whether you are a Star Wars fan or not you should check this game out. Exceptional fun.

4. Tekken Dark Resurrection. If you've played Tekken before in any of its other versions you know how fun it is. It made the jump from home console to portable system very well.

3. Grand Theft Auto : China Town Wars. The 2nd Grand Theft Auto game in our top ten. Just as much fun as the other but with a far better story line.

2. Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker. This is not just a good game for a portable system, this is a good game full stop. The Metal Gear Solid franchise is a set of games that has been brilliant for years. Right since Solid Snake first made an appearance on the Original NES console they have been very popular video games. A Metal Gear Solid game on the PSP was sure to be a hit.

1. Final Fantasy 7 : Crisis Core. The original Final Fantasy 7 is my favourite game of all time. It was contrary to any game I had ever played before or since. It was by far the best game on the original Playstation and the announcement of a sequel on the PSP would have been ample for me to buy the console alone. Quite frankly, if this was the only game released on the PSP I would nonetheless look at it as money well invested.

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