So often when you are looking to hang artwork, it is much more than just a standard 8X10 picture. A lot of times you have things that will not fit into a regular-sized frame, whether it is pictures you have had blown up to an unusual size or whether it is other types of artwork. In this case, you will need to look into having custom picture frames in East Hampton, NY made for you and your items.

But there are some things that just simply will never work in just regular picture frames.

For example, several times in life there may be clothing that you want to have framed. Christening dresses are often framed, along with a lock of the baby's hair or a beautiful portrait of the baby wearing the dress. Sometimes the christening outfit might have been worn by more than one generation of family members and you want to frame the gown and several different pictures of babies through the generations swathed in its folds, and maybe a handwritten list of their names and dates of birth and christening. If you were ever to have something like this framed, it would be wise to get an acid-free mat and make sure that everything that touches the fabric is acid free so that is lasts as long as possible and you would also want to make sure to either put it in UV-protective gl[censored] or keep it out of direct sunlight. Sometimes football, basketball, or soccer jerseys are framed, either because someone famous wore them and you got it signed or it belongs to one of your kids who won the state championship. Whatever the case, you will need to get custom picture frames in East Hampton, NY constructed so that it fits the jersey easily and this is such a nice time to choose a really great mat, maybe even cut with the mascot or name of the team.

Another thing that often gets framed is American flags, folded into that solemn but beautiful triangle after it was removed from a coffin of either an elderly veteran or a young soldier who paid the ultimate price for his country. They do sell triangular frames for such flags in many different flag stores, but if you happen to want to include a picture of the veteran or display a commendation or maybe some medals won on the field of battle, then you might want to consider investing in custom picture frames in East Hampton, NY.

Purchasing custom picture frames in East Hampton, NY gives you so many more options than if you were just to walk into a home improvement store.
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