Do you know how to put on foundation make up, now with the good weather now on its way? Do you have dull skin and not know how to make your face glow? Do you want to have radiant skin with no noticeable make-up? Well, keep reading because we’re giving you 6 extra-easy steps to applying summer foundation and leave your skin radiant…


This is perhaps the most important step….if your skin isn’t exfoliated and moisturised, your foundation won’t look good. Follow this simple routine once a week or whenever you feel you need it:

• Exfoliate your skin

Use a mild exfoliating cream or gel on your skin, (avoid aggressive exfoliating products that are too powerful for the skin) to leave your skin moisturised and cleansed after use without leaving scratches (if your skin reddens this is because the exfoliating product is too strong).

• Moisturise your skin

Next, apply a moisturising mask, choosing one which, besides moisturising, calms your face, giving it a fresh look.

Once you have been through this simple ritual you may apply your normal moisturising cream (remember that with summer now in the air, this should contain sunblock)


Select a lighter-textured foundation than your normal choice, keeping to your skin tone.

Don’t try to look darker-skinned by applying darker foundation, as the effect will be the opposite…

If you apply the foundation on your cheek and it blends-in with your skin-colour, then this is your tone! Never try make up foundation on your hand, as the colour of your hand is no guide to the colour of your face ….


Once you have chosen your foundation, the next step is to apply a corrector/lightener to light up your gaze while also correcting bags and red areas (such as acne marks, stains or imperfections…)

Apply the corrector either before or after the foundation, according to product guidelines. Correctors/lighteners normally go on top of the foundation.

Apply it in the areas you want to correct, and then lightly blur it with your fingertip to mix it properly and for it to look natural. Remember that even though you may want to create a lot of glow, if you use a tone that’s too light it will not be very natural, so the correct yardstick by which to choose the colour of your corrector is: one or two tones lighter than your skin tone…


When applying the foundation, bear these steps on mind:

• Start with the T zone and spread downwards

• Eliminate excess with a clean sponge

• Apply a small quantity and build on it little by little


Once you have applied your foundation, the moment has come to turn the colour up! Use a tanning powder (also known as sun powder) slightly darker than your skin tone. Try to select a product in powder form, so as to be able to apply it with a blusher. You will find this much easier to handle. Follow this advice for applying tanning powder:

• Make sure the blusher is clean

• Begin applying it from your hair roots towards the middle of your face

• Apply more product on the bony areas of your face and spread it well

• Bring the tone up more where darker tones are normally more noticeable …on the forehead, the cheekbones and chin, thus creating an effect similar to having just been in the sun.

• Apply the product on the cheekbone as if it were rouge, intensifying the effect.


This is the final step and a very important one …Apply a lightener (powder or cream, according to preference. The creamy texture is ideal for summer as it gives the face a very natural touch)

Apply the lightener in the T area, spreading it gently to create a natural look…

Articles by Asuncion Parra Llorente a Beauty coach and founder and professional Make Up teacher at the online Make Up school; Elite Make Up. http://www.elitemakeup.com
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