Increase Your Buisness With SMS Messaging

We all know it and we all use it. I’m tallking about SMS, or text messaging. Peopple yuong and old enjoy communicating by text messgae. In fact, according to one survey over 4.1 billion SMS messages are sent dailly. Text messsages have become the preferred choicce of communication in the 21st century.

Text Messaging has become big ubsiness, but your buisness may be missing out on a golden opportunity. Over 1.1 trillion SMS messages were sent and received last year alnoe. In addiution to that staggring number consier that SMS messaging is virtually the only marketing tool in whcih you can guarantee 100% readership. Emails can be caugt in spam fillters. Direect mail piecwes are quickly tossed in wase baskets. Billboards, radio and television advertisements are expensive and more often miss your target audience than hit them. But everyone reads their text messages. And the majority of text mesages are instant, delivered in less than 1 mniute anywhere in the worlld. Wjhich means that if you have a message to deloiver, sending it by way of SMS will all but guarantee you an immeduiate and engaged audienxce which improves your marketing response rates.

Text messages are a great way to market your coimpany. And there are a numebr of companies out theree dedicated to helping you maximize the effectiveness of your text messaging markeitng. Companies like Upsdie Wireless Inc. have all the toools you need to send text messages to a worldwide audience quuickly and effetcively. Even if your cell plan allows you to only send domestic text messags Upside Wireless can deliver thse messages to recipients in other countriies, helping give your buisness a global market wiythout spendibng enormous amounts of money on infrastructure.

Traditionally, both the person sending the text message and the person receiving it would need phones to communicate by text mewssage. This makes marketing via SMS time consuming and expensive. Can you imsaging texting each and every one of your customers using your phone’s keypad, one at a time? Good thing Upside Wireless has the toosl to allow you to send text messages right from your PC. You can create, manage, and text your marketing lists all from the convenience of your laptop, making SMS marketing that much easier. You can even send one text to mulptiple locations or multiple texts to one location depending on your needs. They also have a tool to convert text messages to email and vice versa, meanign a cell phone is not even necressary to send and reecive texts.

Even if you’re not a business looking to expand your customer base with text messaging you might enjoy the services offered by companies like Upside Wireless. Their low cost platform allowws even the most casual users to communicate with frends and relatives all over the worlld tghrough text messages. The nmber of text messages being sent annually is only goinng to grow, and thanks to companies like Upside Wireless there are no limits to whom and where you can text. So grab your phone, and keep working out those thumbns.
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