Finding the right mortgage is a complex process that involves a lot of factors. The first step you take when you plan to make an important mortgage decision is finding the right mortgage lender. Below is a list of mortgage lenders and brokers in the United States. Here, you will also find information about the types of loan programs provided by each mortgage lender.

800USALoan .com is a mortgage lender that works with several other mortgage lenders to offer you the best rates possible. The products of this mortgage lender include loans for homes, cars, debt consolidation, home refinance and improvement, home equity, and more.

Cendant Mortgage lender is also the corporation that owns Century 21, ERA, and Coldwell Banker. This mortgage lender offers fixed rate mortgages with 30, 20, 15 year loan terms. Interest rates of this mortgage lender’s fixed rate programs range from 5.095% to 5.851%. Aside from fixed rates, this mortgage lender also offers adjustable rate loan programs with loan terms ranging from 10/1 to 3/1. This mortgage lender also offers another type of mortgage loan program. The 7-year balloon mortgage of this mortgage lender has a mortgage rate of 5.301%, 1 point, and an APR of 5.494%.

Countrywide Home Loans is a mortgage lender that offers direct services for their clients. One of this mortgage lender’s several loan programs offered is a 5/1 adjustable rate mortgage with a very low interest rate. This mortgage lender offers their services and products for customers who want to refinance or get a home equity loan. If you’re worried about having a bad credit history, a sister company of this mortgage lender is Full Spectrum Lending which offers special loan programs for customers with less than perfect credit records.

GoodMortgage .com is a mortgage lender that works with purchase, construction, home equity second mortgages, and refinancing. This mortgage lender also caters to customers with any type of credit record. The website of this mortgage lender also offers free mortgage calculators so you can start computing on the benefits of each type of loan. This mortgage lender’s online site also offers free mortgage analysis, a mortgage school to give you more in-depth information on mortgages, and a rate watch where you can keep track of the rates.

ELoan .com is an online mortgage lender that offers home loans as one of its many mortgage products. If you wish to purchase or refinance, this mortgage lender can offer you their services with no mortgage lender fees, no hidden costs and a streamlined approval process for your loan application. If you’re about not having enough funds for a down payment, this mortgage lender’s 80/20 loan with low interest rates and no Personal Mortgage Insurance.

Log Home Lenders is a mortgage lender that specializes in loans for log and modular homes. Based in Bridge City, Texas, this mortgage lender is the only lending company that provides finance for log homes. This mortgage lender’s loan programs include finance sources for construction or for home repairs. For a period of 12 months (the construction phase), this mortgage lender charges their customers for the interest alone, which is 1% over the prime rate (may be adjusted monthly). Other products offered by this mortgage lender are permanent mortgages which can either be 30- or 15-year fixed rates or 30- or 15-year fixed jumbo rates.

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