The BlackBerry Storm 2 is an ideal for those who require staying connected on the move. It supports text messages, MMS, conference calls, visual voice mails, push e-mail etc. You can also synchronize your phone with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server of your company so that you can get corporate e-mails. The attachment viewer of the gadget lets you view attachments in MS Word, PDF, MS Excel, JPG, GIF and other po[censored] r formats. You will also find helpful applications like calendar, calculator, memo, task list etc.

All this would not be feasible without proper web connectivity. The Storm 2 offers 3G connectivity on single, quad and dual band networks as well. Web pages load with ease although there is no tabbed browsing feature. This is the first CDMA Blackberry with Wi-Fi connectivity.

So in case you have already bought a Blackberry Storm 2 or you are planning to buy it in the near future, you must know the benefits of getting an unlocked Blackberry device. As you already would know, of the key benefits of unlocking a blackberry is to let you switch your pricey service provider to another network provider that offers the best deals for calls and SMS services suited as per your requirement.

Not only does it help you to reduce your calling costs considerably within your home network but it all together lets you save up on your calling costs while on roaming since you can use a local network provider wherever you are travelling. When your phone is unlocked, there is the chance of applying a dual SIM adapter, which lets you have SIM cards in the same handset. This makes your mobile phone a way more versatile device, for example you can separate work and leisure calls. Switching SIM cards can become as simple as turning your mobile phone on and off again. You are in complete control of your mobile phone!

If you are a regular traveler or can't bear the extreme costs of pricey contracts then you ought to seek unlocking your blackberry. There are a lot of ways to do this such as the BlackBerry Storm 2 Unlock Codes process, software unlock or unlocking using a cable (the hardware unlock).

While the process of software unlock is a complex and time consuming process on the other hand, the hardware unlock process requires you to give your phone away to a store to unlock it for which you are charged heavily. The most trusted, immediate and dependable process is to unlock your Blackberry by the means of Instant Blackberry MEP codes. It is as simple as dialing a phone number, the only thing that the users are required to do is to discover a trusted provider on the net to get unlock Code for Blackberry .
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