How does laser tattoo treatment work? When you get a tattoo, the ink is put in place through the needle of the tattoo gun. Generally when you get something beneath the skin the immune system will eliminate it as time passes. But the ink particles are too big to get eliminated by the body and they become stuck in place. If no action is taken, a properly done tattoo design will last a lifetime.

The laser treatment will work effectively on tattoos by breaking down the ink molecules. The light from the laser is focused on your tattoo whereby it heats up the ink particles. The high temperature breaks up the molecules into smaller particles so that your immunity mechanism can eliminate them naturally. That's why you will slowly observe the tattoo ink "fades away" over a period of a few weeks following the tattoo removal sessions.

How many sessions? This is a tough question to answer. The duration of this process can vary for each person and additionally depends upon several other factors. The tattoo size, color, age, and what type of tattoo removal device your medical expert is employing will all influence the treatment time. When you go with the most popular method of treatment, the Q-switched laser, it will require about 4 months to completely eliminate your standard sized body art.

Usually, it will need quite a few sessions to remove a tattoo. A professionally done tattoo would require three to five sessions, but at times it might take more. An Interval of 4-6 weeks is highly recommended between two sessions to let your body defense system to clear out the old ink particles prior to the next session. Thus based on individual aspects of your tattoo it may take around 2 to 6 months for the tattoo to be entirely eliminated.

Will it really make any difference what doctor I decide upon? Yes. Choosing the right medical expert for tattoo removal center to remove your tattoo is very important. There are lots of clinics and discount doctors that offer different discounts for tattoo removal services. But the failure rates are extremely high from these discount treatment centers. Even scar tissue can develop during the process. You can feel certain of getting safe and right procedure only if you go with skilled and reliable doctors or clinics. They will be the ones who will make use of the best machine for removal of tattoos such as the Q-switched laser. The actual success rate of tattoo removal is as high as 90% with Q-switched laser device when it is done from an experienced doctor. Furthermore, the class of service will be unmatchable if you go with a professional laser tattoo removal center.

What about the pain? Previous clients said to have felt like getting several rubber bands snapping the skin during their laser tattoo treatment process. So you may experience a bit of discomfort but nothing more than having the tattoo put on originally. Depending on your pain tolerance, your doctor may put on an anesthetic skin cream over the tattooed area right before treatment. Therefore you will feel little or no pain at all. Furthermore, each session won't last for more than 20 minutes, so you will experience this slight discomfort only for a very short period of time.

What is the average cost? The price will depend on the number of treatment sessions required, so the larger the tattoo, the larger will be the cost. A lot of centers will charge per square inch with discounts for large tattoos. But there is always a minimum charge per session. Typically, each treatment will vary from $75 - $110 per square inch, with discounts for larger tattoos. If you want to get your bigger tattoos removed, you could have it in the price range of $600-$900 from most clinics.

Tattoo removal is definitely a very competitive market so look out for discounts, promotions, and price reductions whenever you spend money on multiple treatments at the same time.

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