Exterior Shutters Create Curb Appeal

Have you ever driven by a house and immediately thought it was absolutely gorgeous? A home’s curb appeal, or lack there of, will either cause those passing by to admire your home or miss it totally. Curb appeal involves several elements; architectural interest, appealing use of color, and a well executed landscaping plan. In focusing on adding architectural interest to a home, vinyl exterior accent products such as vinyl shutters can transform a home’s exterior from ordinary to extraordinary. Shutters can add the missing architectural element needed to create an eye-catching, attractive exterior. Experts advise homeowners wishing to sell their home to create curb appeal and an attractive kitchen. Concentrating on the home’s exterior, curb appeal will dramatically increase the chance of a potential buyer stopping by, rather than passing by. A well trimmed home could also bring more money, more quickly.

Personalize Your Home’s Exterior

At the same time you are trying to create curb appeal and set yourself apart from your neighbors, you can also be interjecting your personal tastes on your home’s exterior. Vinyl shutters by Builders Edge are available in 20 colors, plus paintable units. What’s your favorite color?

And with so many shutter styles available you are sure to find one that fits your personal tastes and style. Typically exterior shutters are available with your choice of the traditional louvered style, the colonial raised panel style or the cottage feel of board-n-batten. Do you like a straight top louver, arched top louver or how about a center mullion or no center mullion? Or do you like a paneled shutter? If so, do you tend to prefer a one, two or three paneled style? There are so many ways shutters can add your personal tastes to the exterior of your home.

Shutters are Easy to Install and Maintain

In comparison to their wood or composite counterparts, vinyl exterior shutters are very easy to install and maintain. Installation is fast and easy with the use of matching vinyl screws. Simply drill through the shutter and wall surface, insert the vinyl screw and your done. And unlike wood, vinyl shutters are easy to maintain and care for. Since the color is molded throughout the shutter you save time by skipping any finishing steps, and will never have to sand, repaint or stain. For routine care simply wash with soapy water to keep the shutters looking like new.

Vinyl Shutters are an Affordable Option

Once again, in comparison to their wood or composite counterparts vinyl shutters are very affordably priced, typically two to three times less. Depending on what style and sizes are desired, your home can be given a facelift on a small budget if necessary. And that small investment can in turn pay big divides if you place your home on the market. If your home has a lot of windows another affordable option is to install exterior shutter incrementally. Install shutters on the front of your home first, later install them on the sides and /or back. In conclusion, vinyl shutters are an affordable way to personalize and accent your home, adding curb appeal and value.

Lawrence DePippa is the Internet Marketing Manager of Accent Building Products, a leading direct distributor of Builders Edge vinyl exterior shutters, gable vents, door surrounds, and kitchen cabinets. Accent Building Products can be found online at: http://www.accentbuildingproducts.com80010108,Enable Jitdebugging,ERROR_INSTALL_REGISTRATION_FAILURE,ERROR_NOT_CONNECTED,Print Spooler Problem
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