It has been an amazing 7 years since the PSP first launched in Japan. The Playstation Vita will be released in a little over a month’s time and for many that will spell the end of the PSP's wonderful tenure as an outstanding hand held system.

Now is the best time to consider the great titles that the PSP introduced us and countdown the ten top PSP video games we have enjoyed over the last seven many years.

10. Wipeout Pure. This game was with us at the very beginning of it all and all this time later it is nevertheless in my top ten list of video games released on the system. The futuristic racer has been a favourite of many for years. Right from the time it was first introduced, long before the PSP even existed. Rather than basically racing you also have the chance to destroy your competitors and collect power ups. This is an fantastic combat racing game.

9. Grand Theft Auto – Liberty City Stories. This was like every other Grand Theft Auto game in that it was controversial. It was also like other Grand Theft Autos in that it was a lot of fun. Whether you were following the orders of the Liberty City crime bosses or just heading out on a mindless rampage this was a lot of fun.

8. Lumines. This is the 2nd launch title in our list. Back then it seemed like the system would be full of amazing games. It is a little disappointing when you consider that two launch titles made it to a final top ten list but in fairness this is another exceptional game. A bizarre puzzler that is hard to describe. It would be even harder to explain why it is so much fun.

7. Sid Meier's Pirates. A popular PC game that was ported to the PSP. It crossed over well and was a very entertaining technique game. You made your residing pillaging and sailing the globe with your conquered ships in tow powering you. Outstanding fun.

6. Star Ocean: Second Evolution. This was an excellent role playing game. Set in the future and in a far-away galaxy this game had an outstanding story, outstanding characters and amazing graphics. Fit to grace anyone’s PSP top ten list.

5. Star Wars Unleashed. This action game was fun for anyone, whether you are a Star Wars fan or not you should check this game out. Exceptional fun.

4. Tekken Dark Resurrection. If you've played Tekken before in any of its other versions you know how fun it is. It made the jump from home console to portable system very well.

3. Grand Theft Auto : China Town Wars. The 2nd Grand Theft Auto game in our top ten. Just as much fun as the other but with a far better story line.

2. Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker. This is not just a good game for a portable system, this is a good game full stop. The Metal Gear Solid franchise is a set of games that has been brilliant for years. Right since Solid Snake first made an appearance on the Original NES console they have been very popular video games. A Metal Gear Solid game on the PSP was sure to be a hit.

1. Final Fantasy 7 : Crisis Core. The original Final Fantasy 7 is my favourite game of all time. It was contrary to any game I had ever played before or since. It was by far the best game on the original Playstation and the announcement of a sequel on the PSP would have been ample for me to buy the console alone. Quite frankly, if this was the only game released on the PSP I would nonetheless look at it as money well invested.

Great Gamez aims to bring you the best selection of gaming gear and new titles for all the platforms at the best prices you have ever seen. We find all the best deals on all the best games and save you time, money and frustration. http://www.greatgamez.co.ukError 1719
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In preparation to begin your on the net small business, you have almost certainly completed some of the essentials like study on how to get started out, picked your location of small business, and committed some time on how to get your web site ranked with the research engines. When it arrives to Web optimization, you are almost certainly seeing bunch of offers promising effortless, fast and cheap ways to the front pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

It is really at this point that you'll most likely make a decision that either puts you in a position to generate expanding numbers of targeted targeted visitors to your website or start off a revolving doorway of stress, self question, wasted time, spent cash, and a good deal more operate.

Looked at this way it may well seem as an uncomplicated selection, but it's often not that straightforward. The route you decide on will actually count on how vulnerable to the temptation of the easy button you are. The choice can be made harder due to the fact pitches set in front of you are going to sound fantastic with solution formulas and "freshly revealed" procedures for accomplishing top rankings on the look engines.

Behind the pitches providing the simple Search engine marketing button, the men that are pushing these merchandise are hoping that you are going to buy the sizzle and then move on when the steak does not arrive. The assumption here is that soon after employing them for an eventually disappointing Search engine marketing encounter, you'll be off to the following shiny Web optimization object that promises an even more quickly road to the prime of page a single.

In truth, beginning your online business will be significantly like starting up a brick and mortar kind of organization. Picture meeting an promoting executive who promises quick traction with droves of consumers beating a route to your doorway. What if that pitch is created with no recognizing you or the business you approach to run? You would probable push again from the table seeing a as well very good to be accurate pitch meant solely to separate you from your cash. It really is the exact same with uncomplicated button Web optimization.

The reality is, marketing your on the web business is heading to demand the execution of an Search engine marketing strategy that is researched, planned, and put into action. To start off, that consists of:

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In the early 1980s a company known as TEC (Thermal Engineering Corp) invented and patented the infrared grill. But what's so special about IR grilling?

The infrared burner on an infrared grill focuses the flame of a traditional gas burner onto a ceramic tile. This tile is made up of thousands of microscopic holes and is able to transform the heat of the gas burner's flame into infrared radiant energy. Infrared heat is far higher in temperature and more direct than the usual grill, which works by convection heating. While convectional heat is conducted thought air while barbecuing, radiant heat grills directly at the grilling surface with direct heat.

Grilling reproduces the oldest cooking method in the world - an open fire. Whatever fuel is used to produce the flames of a natural fire, there is always a vast amount of infrared energy that is being created, in accordance with the science of physics. From physics we know that any given heat source emits light at some wavelength which is closest to that wavelength of the dominant energy production. To put it simply, the redder a flame the more infrared energy is being produced within it. Wood-burning flames are yellow-orange and coal flames are dull red. But, the gas-fired grill has a blue flame - there's not much infrared energy there at all, and this makes cooking meat thoroughly and efficiently a real problem.

A typical barbeque uses blue-flame burners that need a closed lid to trap air within the barbecuing area. That flames slowly heat the air trapped in the hood until the air is conducting enough heat to cook food. Most barbecues function very much like an oven that can be used outdoors.

Infrared grills also provide moisture retention. Convection heats by heating up the surrounding air and then just pushing that air onto the food. But look what happens when you use a hair dryer - hot air dries out your hair. Convection grills dry out your meats or whatever else you are barbecuing, letting the food's juices rise up and get carried off on the air as condensation or to drip off the food and flare-up. But infrared energy does the precise opposite: it actually drives moisture from the food's surface down deeper into the food, enhancing flavor as well as texture for simply a deeper pleasure in the eating experience.

When you use infrared grilling, you get the benefits of shorter grilling times, more convenient grilling, and so much versatility that you can confidently grill even in sub-zero temperatures. Grilling also becomes safer because at very high temperatures any drippings simply get vaporized. This even adds more all-natural flavor to the meat-in short, you don't have flare-ups - due to the infrared designed cooking grate's concave design. But infrared grilling should not be thought of as limited to meats, for just as with convection grilling you can grill anything including seafood, grilled vegetables and chicken. No matter what you're grilling, with infrared grilling technology you get the unsurpassed flavor-enhancement of the wood or charcoal grill merged seamlessly with the pinpoint control and consistency of gas-fired grilling convenience and all the while enjoying more succulent (and thus more nutrition-rich) foods.

Thermal Engineering Corporation, or TEC, introduced the very first infrared grill in 1961. Eventually, their research, development, and engineering prowess led to thirty issued or pending United States and foreign patents. By the 1980s, TEC Grills were making headway as commercial cooking equipment, since they were able to make grills that heated up faster as well as more evenly across cooking surfaces while at the very same time being more fuel-efficient. It was in 1980 that TEC put on the market the world's first under-fired infrared gas grill and this was when professional chefs and restaurateurs really began taking notice and using infrared grills, so that the technology became more widespread than ever before.

However, TEC's main patent on infrared grilling technology ran out in the year 2000-and patents run out to allow for innovation. One new infrared grill making competitor named Altima came up with swappable burner units enabling someone to use a standard burner, infrared burner, and a charcoal firebox all at the same time. Meanwhile, TEC saw two split-offs form from its former employees and management who had ideas of their own: Alfresco and Solaire.

The real objective of all TEC infrared grill making competitors is to create more user-friendly (and sometimes more cost-effective) grills, since the original TEC infrared grills were, of necessity, based more on getting the science and engineering of infrared grilling right than on considerations of customer comfort zones and end-user convenience. The infrared gas grill manufacturer competitors have had much success here.

Alfresco came up with their proprietary "SearZone", which is made up of an infrared burner sitting off to the side of a traditional gas burner. The idea here is that one can use the infrared burner for searing meats, then move the seared meat over to the traditional gas burner to finish the cooking, thereby saving on energy costs, saving on costs for their infrared unit, and theoretically enabling more controlled, refined final flavor of the meat. Alfresco designed and released the first 9 volt ignition module, vented fire box and internal rotisserie motor. However, Alfresco infrared - convection grills (hybrids) use briquettes to conduct heat on the non-infrared, convectional side of the barbeque. Briquettes must be cleaned or swapped often or the stainless below the ceramic briquettes will corrode quickly.

Meanwhile, Solaire has patented its own InfraVection concept intended to allow an easy, user-friendly transition for the grillmaster who doesn't want to leave his "comfort zone" of the traditional convection burner but who still would love to enjoy the benefits of infrared grilling. Just as with Alfresco's "SearZone" technology, the Solaire InfraVection design enables easy conversion from one burner type to another, once again offering the greatest possible control over the final flavor and texture of the food. Solaire also boasts that the convection portion of an InfraVection grill consists of an "efficient stainless steel double-lanced ported U-burner with stainless steel vaporizer plate" (and no briquettes). The valve design on the Solaire infrared and infravection grill models allow both easy removal & installation of infrared and blue-flame burners but also allow an infrared burner to be turned from a low position to a high position without losing its flame.

What this all means for you is that while TEC is still a great brand of infrared griller, you might want to check out other, more user-friendly brands, too, without fearing that you won't be able to get the TEC-developed benefits of the IR grill. But without question, for any grillmaster professional or amateur who can afford it, an infrared grill cannot be surpassed. More than once customers and guests have expressed surprise that the steaks we grill taste much better than the $100. grilled steaks from the best restaurants in town.

At Grill-Repair.comwe have been selling, servicing and grilling with infrared gas BBQ grills for 10 years. We have used TEC, Solaire and Alfresco as well as the newer grills like FireMagic, OCI and AOG. We grill daily in our store and build outdoor kitchens.403 Forbidden Error
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Business has been hard enough in this economy when people are spending less and watching for every opportunity to save a few dollars. As business tends to tighten, we have to be sure to take the very best care of each and every customer. After all, sales are a bit tougher to attain when everyone is watching their bottom line. One thing businesses can take care of during times like these is their reputation. Protecting a business's reputation by not allowing criminals or other's to impersonate or infiltrate your organization is critical. ID cards can be a huge factor in the verification of who someone says they are and add to a company's credibility.

The unemployment rate broke 8 percent recently and we have learned from history that our crime rates climb in direct correlation with unemployment. Due to this, businesses and organizations must protect their doors along with their reputation. By simply adding ID cards and requiring employees to wear and display their identification cards while on the job can greatly discourage crime and enhance a company's perception to their customers.

From 1970 to 1993 crime rose with the unemployment rate according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports. The report goes further to show that during the period of 1992 to 1996 as the unemployment rate dropped there was a dramatic correlation in the drop of crime, particularly in poverty stricken areas. Other reports show that nearly a 9 percent drop in burglary, a 14 percent drop in rape and robbery and nearly a 30 percent drop in assaults can be a direct result of only a 2 percent drop in unemployment. With these statistics in mind we can assume the inverse as well. Since 2008 we have had a 3% increase in unemployment and based on these numbers that would indicate a 13.5% increase in burglary alone in 2009.

The United States Insolvency Service stated that there was a 56% increase in insolvent businesses in the first quarter of this year over the first quarter of 2008. That's nearly 5,000 companies that have become illiquid in just the first quarter of 2009. Adding to this there were over 120,000 personal and corporate bankruptcies filed last month (May 2009). Needless to say there are a lot of newly unemployed and desperate individuals in every community.

In this new environment, businesses and organizations need to protect both their property and their reputation. Requiring employee's to wear ID cards is an effective and simple way to increase your security with identification. ID cards can add to the perception from your customers when employees are out of the office by adding a sense of comfort, especially those whose businesses you are pursuing.

There are more sophisticated locks utilizing RFID, barcodes, biometric scanners and the like and they can all be added to enhance the security on your ID cards. These technologies are always becoming more affordable every year thanks to the speed and production of the security industry and mass production. However, by simply requiring employee's to wear ID badges in the workplace adds to a company's level of security. Today there are solutions available for both large and small organizations through online security companies that offer ID cards as a primary business. Organizations like FullIdentity.com can also integrate background checks, holograms, RFID and whatever technology you are looking to implement into your identification card solution to protect your business.

Business has been hard enough in this economy when people are spending less and watching for every opportunity to save a few dollars. As business tends to tighten, we have to be sure to take the very best care of each and every customer. After all, sales are a bit tougher to attain when everyone is watching their bottom line. One thing businesses can take care of during times like these is their reputation. Protecting a business's reputation by not allowing criminals or other's to impersonate or infiltrate your organization is critical. ID cards can be a huge factor in the verification of who someone says they are and add to a company's credibility.

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Building a million dollar information marketing business starts with creating strong foundations for success by focusing on developing an effective business model. Like with any business long term success in online business, its stability, and profitability depend on five key components.

Copyright (c) 2009 Adam Urbanski

Building a million dollar information marketing business doesn't start with buying the latest article or blog submitting gizmo or list of 5 million subscribers for $27! It also doesn't start by investing in ever more popular fly-by-night tactics that work today and are obsolete (or banned) tomorrow.

Instead, information marketing millionaires first build strong foundations for success by focusing on developing an effective business model that allows fast growth.

There are five key components this business model must include. All of them are equally important for long term success, stability, and profitability of your business.

Once you have a specific business model mapped out you can identify the specific strategies you want to focus on. This in turn will dictate what specific tactics you need to employ, and what action steps to take to reach your objective of building a million dollar information marketing business.

So let's explore those five key components of an effective business model.

Component 1 - Generate Traffic

The first step on this model is to generate traffic. You've got to have "duplicate-able", repeatable, sustainable ways to generate traffic.

You can get your traffic for free - but it will take a bit longer to get it. Or you can buy it and have people visiting your website in a matter of minutes.

Some of the free traffic generation strategies include article submissions, blogging, social media presence, like video and audio podcasts and accounts with popular online networking sites including LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter.

And let's not forget something as simple as a "Tell a friend" button somewhere on each page of your website.

The fastest way to get traffic to your website is to buy it. Buying PPC (pay per click) like Google's Adwords is probably one of the most known paid traffic strategy, but there are many others.

You can also buy text links, banner advertising, display ads on other people's sites and blogs. You can also buy classified ads in other people's ezines and even solo-mailings to other people's lists of subscribers.

A lot of savvy marketers also use strategic alliances or JVs (Joined Ventured) to quickly drive massive traffic to their websites. While it's a very effective strategy, it's not free. Your JV partners will typically want to get a hefty percentage of the sales they generate with their promotions of your site. But - it will be quick!

Component 2 - Lead Generation

One of the biggest mistakes most people make is they try to get a sale too soon! Instead, a much better approach is to generate a lead first, then convert that lead into a paid first-time customer.

Let's take this one step at a time - converting visitors into subscribers of some sort - a.k.a. "leads"! This is a critical step because it will allow you to continue communicating with people interested in your products or services.

You've probably heard that in any business your money and success are in your list, in your database of subscribers and your relationship with them. It's very important to learn how to get people to come to your site and then entice them to want to give you their name and email.

It used to be enough to just say something like "subscribe to my newsletter," or "get updates about my business," somewhere on your website to get people to opt-in to your database. But those days are long gone.

Today you must be really good at presenting great value fast and making irresistible first offers to your visitors to persuade them to give up their contact information. Strategies that still work great include giving your web visitors access to special reports, audio downloads, or informative video and audio presentations.

Obviously the better the quality of your "carrot" and the better your presentation of it, the better your conversion will be. (Conversion is the comparison of the number of people that take you up on your offer and subscribe to your list to the total number of people that visit your website.)

Component 3 - Lead Conversion

Now that you have a list of subscribers - a.k.a. database of leads - how do you convert them into paid customers, someone who would actually gives you a few dollars? Generating that first sale is your lead conversion.

Just like lead generation, lead conversion strategies will vary from business to business, depending on what you are selling and who your customers are. But the key to your success is to systemize and automate this process as much as possible. Let me give you an example.

Think of a service business, for example some like a professional life coach.

Most likely they have no systems in place. Every new client is gained a different way. A conversation with each new prospect is different from others. Every lead is generated a different way. Every lead is converted differently. It's no wonder their businesses are overwhelming them and generating very little money. There are no systems in place.

Now let's look at a different professional and scenario; someone like an orthodontist.

Everything is systemized. From the same lead generation mechanisms to how patients get introduced to the doctor's office to the first experience when they come in, to how they get to meet the doctor, how their initial evaluation is presented and delivered, how the price is quoted and how the treatment is initiated.

Everything is identical for each new patient! Everything is done the same way over and over and over. Everything is a system. And that's what you are looking for in successful information marketing business model - systemized and automated lead conversion strategies.

Component 4 - Profit Multipliers

Once you generate the first sale, you will sell more products or services to your new customer. It's important for two reasons. First, you probably have more products and services that can help that client much more beyond what they initially received from you. And second, that's the way to maximize the success and profitability of your business!

Here are few examples of profit multipliers.

First there is down-selling. Basically what it means is that if someone comes to your website and says, "I don't think I'm willing to pay $97you're your multi-media course - and I'm leaving your website," you present them with another opportunity to purchase a similar product that sells for $47 or even less and say, "Maybe $97 is too much for your budget right now. Can I interest you in getting a similar highly quality course that costs only $20?"

A different down-sale would be to offer a payment plan. You'd say something like this, "If $97 is too much right now, can I make it more affordable for you by letting you pay in three payments of $33?"

Next, there is a cross-sale. If they pay $97 for your first program, maybe they like to add another program that will help them get more value out of their initial purchase, especially if it's priced attractively. It's an effective way to immediately increase the size of each initial transaction.

Then there are continuity programs. For instance, if you are a coach you can have a system in place where after the initial first sale of some type of a home study course the customer receives an invitation to join a group coaching and support program for which they would then pay monthly.

And these are just a few simple ideas of what you can do to multiply your sales and profits.

Component 5 -Scalability

Your ultimate goal is to systemize and automate your business so that its growth can be expended beyond your own efforts.

Once you have all of the key components in place, focus on simplifying, systemizing, automating, delegating - in short, you want to optimize your business for maximum performance with minimum efforts.

Then simply start driving more traffic through this "profit machine", and, if you designed it well, it will work like a charm and continue making you more money. It's like of like turn the faucet knob on full blast.

So to have an effective business model first you need to generate traffic to your website, then you need a way to convert that traffic into leads, then convert leads into first-time customers, and then use profit multipliers to maximize your sales and profits.

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