It seems that almost everybody knows a troubled teenager these days - often within one's own family. Usually these kids have been in trouble more than a few times, sometimes with serious repercussions. Many parents and schools ask me about what to do about them. How should we treat or educate tough, emotionally troubled teenagers? It's a great question and here is my answer: We should immediately make them leaders.

"Are you kidding?," you may ask.

No, I'm not.

"How can these kids lead when they haven't yet learned to follow?"

Well, as it turns out, many troubled teens learn to follow by leading first.

This is because:

Leadership is the antidote to apathy, not a reward for compliance.

For many kids, (boys especially), compliance feels dull and apologetic. What I mean is that the opportunity to lead is an opportunity for status, acknowledgement and confidence. These are the "drugs" of success. Once a teen gets a taste, he or she almost always wants a little more. In essence, what I'm suggesting is that we try to get troubled kids hooked on success - after all, being a leader feels good! If we wait until they have been obedient or compliant enough, we may miss the opportunity to get them "hooked." Thus I'd like to make the radical suggestion that we immediately take our most troubled, difficult, tough kids - and make them leaders. Let's encourage an alliance with adult values rather than opposition. That alliance can only occur if we give these kids a chance to shine, and to feel the thrill of what it's like to have constructive authority.

The idea is somewhat provocative at first because most of us have been raised with the premise that respect is earned. I know I was. Years ago, when I first began working with troubled youth, I did my best to convey this principle - and it fell on deaf ears. I learned I had to make a choice between standing my ground and succeeding with the kids I was trying to help. I chose success, which meant rethinking my therapeutic priorities and approach. The first step was allowing myself to be taught something by these teens - giving them the respect of being my teacher in some important ways.

We all learn best by teaching others. For years, therapists have understood the value of this insight, and have often made older troubled kids mentors for younger troubled kids. When a teenager has to coach a younger child about behavior or self-control, it helps the adolescent learn himself, by putting these important principles into words. When a young person learns to explain the "cause and effect" of a principle, that principle begins to sound more logical and familiar. It takes deeper root in a young person's psyche.

We can probably agree that some kinds of leadership will, by necessity, need to be supervised and structured - no problem. And while common sense dictates that we don't put troubled teens in situations where they can hurt themselves or others, we need to find situations that offer the chance for real performance and authority. When we're called upon to make a leap of faith and put such kids in a leadership position, we have to remember how powerfully motivating it can be for them to have a chance to experience the positive regard and respect of others - without feeling that one has "capitulated."

The key is that all kids need a chance to lead somewhere in their lives. Many have heard the saying, "the world is flat." In my work with kids, I take this to mean that the old days of elitist leadership are over. Today, all kids will be leaders at some time or in some place. In my Mighty Good Kids programs, I insist that kids define where in their respective lives they can and will lead.

There are important social differences in how genders express leadership. Pre-teen and adolescent girls are often pressured by peers to be circumspect about their desire to lead and achieve, and tend to pursue status through social networks. So we need to be aware that being placed in a hierarchical leadership position may have unintended social liabilities for some girls. This doesn't mean that we shouldn't offer troubled girls opportunities to lead others, but it does mean that we need to thoughtfully consider how we intervene, so that leadership feels good and powerful.

Boys, on the other hand, are often reinforced for emulating iconoclasts and rebels. Clinical work has taught me that many boys find "compliance" highly unstimulating, if not downright dull. For strong-willed boys, it can even feel apologetic. These are psychological states inconsistent with the way boys want to feel about themselves. If we try to force-feed the message of compliance, we will surely encounter resistance and closed minds.

Instead, let's catapult these individuals into "tough jobs," positions of leadership where accountability is regularly assessed. I'm not suggesting we turn the welfare of others over to troubled teens, at least not at first. But I am suggesting that we give them meaningful authority and responsibility to generate ideas, set an example, or be of service. The acknowledgement and respect derived from these opportunities are the best performance enhancing drugs our society knows.

Instead, let's catapult these individuals into "tough jobs," positions of leadership where accountability is regularly assessed. I'm not suggesting we turn the welfare of others over to troubled teens, at least not at first. But I am suggesting that we give them meaningful authority and responsibility to generate ideas, set an example, or be of service. The acknowledgement and respect derived from these opportunities are the best performance enhancing drugs our society knows.

Parenting & education expert Dr. Adam Cox is author of "Boys of Few Words: Raising Our Sons to Communicate & Connect" & "No Mind Left Behind-Understanding & Fostering Executive Control: The 8 Essential Brain Skills Every Child Needs to Thrive." Get your questions answered at http://www.dradamcox.com0x0000007b Bsod,Bsod 1e,Bsod On Startup,Capita Bsod,Page Fault In Non Paged Area Bsod
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Your colon is a tube like structure that runs down to your anus from the stomach. It consists of the large intestine and small intestine.

As you consume food and liquids, these items accumulate in the bowel as waste products. It is necessary that the bowel should be emptied of these waste products, otherwise they become toxins and the colon health begins to suffer.

Good colon health implies the proper and adequate functioning of the colon and toxic-free state of the colon. Toxin build up can cause allergy symptoms, bad breath, infection and much more. These symptoms can be avoided through regular colon cleansing.

What is colon cleansing?

Colon cleansing is an ancient practice for rejuvenating the stomach system. Man has been practicing colon cleansing since 1500 BC. First of all, it was used in the Egypt about 4,000 years ago. Colon cleansing involves the healing, rebuilding and restoration of your large intestine to its natural shape, size and functioning ability. Colon cleansing refers to the removal of toxins from the large intestine to allow the proper functioning of the colon. When the colon is clean, your skin becomes vibrant, you become active and you are freed of stress. It reinvigorates your natural body functions.

Why do I require colon cleansing?

Colon cleansing is sometimes required because over a period of time, toxins become accumulated on the walls of your colon. This creates problems such as constipation and inflammation of colon and can lead to several diseases, even colon cancer.

As toxins keep on accumulating, these toxins are carried into the body organs through your blood. Then toxins can also affect the organs. Hence it becomes essential for you to clean your colon. Colon cleansing helps you to eliminate any colon diseases. It re-balances the body chemistry, and helps in restoring correct functioning of the organs. Colon cleansing also improves the muscles of colon and tones them up.

How can I get my colon cleaned?

As the awareness of colon cleansing is reaching more and more people, new methods of colon cleansing are also available. There are various methods available:

Colon Hydrotherapy: This process involves fusing warm and filtered water into the colon through a disposable plastic tube. This method involves delicacy and the practitioner should be fully qualified. There is no use of drugs or chemicals during the process. A small disposable speculum is gently inserted into the rectum from the hydrotherapy equipment. Then the warm water is passed into the colon. Colon Hydrotherapy involves light stomach massage and several fills and releases of water to remove the toxic waste accumulated on the colon walls. The fecal matter is then washed away via the system’s waste disposal hose.

Every session of colon hydrotherapy lasts for about 45 minutes. About 35 gallons of water are transported in and out of the colon during the therapy sessions.

Enema: The Enema is generally employed to relieve a person of constipation. This procedure involves insertion of a small amount of water into the bowel via the anus. The method is effective for dislodging fecal matter from the lower portion of intestine.

Enemas can be effectively carried out at home and no training is required to undertake them.

Oxygen Based Colon Cleansing: This process involves consumption of a few capsules. These capsules are full of oxygen based chemicals. When they are ingested, the oxygen is released in the body and removes the fecal matter. This method can be used for long term colon cleansing. These capsules help in removing the toxins inside the intestines.

Laxatives: Laxatives are taken for the treatment of temporary constipation. It involves oral consumption of laxatives. These laxatives soften the stool and cause bowel movements by contracting the intestinal muscles. Laxatives are, however, not used for removal of impacted fecal matter. They can also cause dehydration in a person so should be used with care.

Before embarking on any colon cleaning regime you should consult a qualified practitioner.

Michael Jason writes articles on a number of different topics. For more information on Colon Cleansing please visit http://www.colon-health.org/coloncleanse/ and for additional Colon Cleansing related articles please visit the following article page http://www.colon-health.org/coloncleanse-articles/Rc45.dll,REMEMCOM.DLL
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Are you thinking about keeping a big, hairy spider as a pet? Although the thought of having a pet tarantula would make some people's skin crawl, there are many people that love the thought of keeping one of these big spiders as a pet. If you are one of them, it is important for you to know how to properly care for a tarantula so you and your pet can both be happy.

Do Your Research

The most important step you can take is to avoid an impulse purchase. Rather, research the type of tarantula you will be purchasing so you can learn about its temperament as well as its needs. You may be surprised to learn that tarantulas can have very different needs, so you need to make certain you know the proper temperature requirements, diet, and humidity levels for your pet tarantula. While some tarantulas are arboreal, which means they live in trees, others are ground dwelling. In order to keep your tarantula happy, therefore, you will need to create a habitat that meets is natural needs.

Picking Out the Home

Now that you know more about your tarantula, it is time to pick out a container in which it can live. Critter Keepers make good choices, though you can use an aquarium as well. Either way, make sure the top is tightly sealed so your tarantula cannot get away. They are very adept at climbing glass walls, so don't think the smooth surface will prevent them from getting out. Also, while you do need to give your tarantula a little room to move about, you don't need to make the enclosure too large. In fact, if it is too big, your tarantula will have a difficult time finding its prey. A good rule of thumb is to make the width equal to about twice the tarantula's leg span and make it as long as about three times its leg span.

Making it Cozy

In order to give your pet tarantula a cozy place to live, you will need to put at least two inches of substrate at the bottom of its enclosure. The substrate will also help you keep the tank moist and some tarantulas like to dig into the substrate as well. For those that enjoy digging, you will need to make the layer of substrate thicker. Good substrates to use with tarantulas include peat moss and organic potting soil, just make sure no additives such as fertilizer have been added. Some tarantulas will also appreciate having a cave or other decoration in which they can hide and build a web.

Feeding and Watering

Tarantulas are very low maintenance pets that do not require a great deal of food. In fact, most tarantulas are perfectly happy with receiving six to eight crickets per week. If you overfeed your tarantula, it can become sick and possibly even die.

While you don't need to provide your pet tarantula with food at all times, it is important to keep a dish filled with water in the cage at all times. The dish should be fairly shallow and large enough for your tarantula to get inside.

Tarantulas are very interesting creatures with natural instincts. Therefore, it is important to exercise care when keeping a tarantula for a pet and to minimize handling as much as possible.

CS Swarens is the president of Find a Pet Online. 800 998-7065 For additional information on dogs, cats, birds, horses, and exotic pets visit the internet's pet resource including pet classifieds at http://www.findapetonline.com. Research over 430 pet breed profiles at http://www.findapetonline.com/breeds.htmlhttp://blog.speedupwindows.org/
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Video communication is one of the most effective ways to promote your services or products to potential customers. Did you know that 38% of is vocal? That includes the pitch, tone, speed and volume of your voice. By having a company video on your website, your business is instantly more appealing to the consumer as they will become more responsive about what you are able to offer.

Online marketing has boomed in recent years, developments in technology have allowed businesses to create an online presence, and target potential customers in a completely different way. When a customer is looking to invest into a product or service, no one reaches for the dusty Yellow Pages any more; they head straight to the internet. By ensuring that your online presence incorporates a website video, you are enticing consumers to purchase. Video marketing is an affordable way to advertise online, and by creating a brief, informative and appealing company video, you are making sure that your business is still relevant in the current market.

Company videos have an advantage of the standard text format as they allow you to get to the point in a shorter amount of time. Instead of your website visitor having to crawl through pages of text to find the small amount of information they were looking for, you can convey the message in just a couple of minutes via a website video. You can use a marketing video to promote your business in general, or to target a new product or service which you have added to your range. People are naturally drawn to videos rather than text, so take advantage of the technology available to you and ensure that your website incorporates a company video.

By adding some personality to your product or service, your prospective customers are able to relate to your company and what you’re advertising quicker and easier. However, don’t fall into the trap of not including any text content on your website as this is equally important. Search engines are unable to index your website appropriately, or at all without text content as their web crawlers are unable to 'read' a company video. A website video should promote your company and inspire potential customers, thus turning website traffic into sales.

Small and medium sized businesses do not need to lose out to multinational corporations with the budget for a traditional television advertising campaign. Online marketing is a revolutionary way to promote any business, so ensure that you are missing out on the new way to communicate efficiently. Make your company stand out from the crowd with an online company video.

If you are a small or medium sized business looking to expand your online marketing, act today and add a company video to your web page. Facevideo is committed to helping businesses incorporate company videos onto their website and other social media web pages such as Facebook. Contact us today to start turning your website visitors into paying customers.

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Whatever you purpose in writing, you always have this though of writing concisely in order to get a better chance of people to read your work.

It is really not easy to garner a lot of readers with just a click. Sometimes, you need to be aware and be specific with what you do and what you write.

Your content reflects the idea and the purpose of your topic. Since writing requires public relations, how will you keep it tight and avoid any unnecessary words to make your writing worth reading?

Nowadays, writing is very popular as a marketing material. Many companies or business persons who seek for good writers to write good quality contents such as writing sales letter, brochures, advertisements or web contents just to inform more readers quickly.

However, to avoid such uninteresting texts, avoid wordiness and always get write directly to the point.

Sometimes, when you are writing impromptu or initially writing a piece before submitting it, it is best to plan things first on what to include so that censoring your writing can be quick and easy.

Notice when you are editing your first draft, as you read the whole paragraph; you end up revising it in just a single sentence. That only means you have eliminate excessive words that are not important in your writing and will only cause too much space in your content which make it dull to read,

Need a single reference to run through when editing for conciseness? Use this handy checklist along with your favorite writing improvement software and tighten up that writing.

1. Redundant phrases. No matter how vigilant you think you are to redundancy, we all eventually slip and end up saying the same things more than once. From commonly employed phrases (the ones you don’t even notice, such as “true facts” and “twelve noon”) to being overly descriptive (resulting in multiple ways of expressing the same thought), it’s an error you’ll have to continually check for.

2. Redundant abbreviations. As a corollary to the above, pay special attention to abbreviated redundancies, such as ATM machine (the M already stands for machine) and HIV virus (the V already stands for virus).

3. Pare down. Some clauses can be shrunk into phrases; some phrases can be shrunk into single words. Unless you’re intentionally trying to pad your word count, look out for ways to condense your figures of speech.

4. Modifiers that don’t add value. Avoid using words that are only meant to exaggerate, rather than offer additional clarity. These include words like “very,” “extremely” and “severely.” They’re “really” useless.

5. Expletive constructions. Sentences that begin with “there is,” “there are” and “it is” are common devices that tend to produce unnecessarily long constructions. They rob sentences of energy right at the onset. They make

6. Take out clichés and euphemisms. Recognize clichés (those expressions that used to sound cool, but are now just lame) and euphemisms (“safe” ways of expressing something that’s potentially risky), then work to eliminate them from your writing.

See how innovative Writing Improvement Software instantly can boost your English writing and watch how NLP technology can help you to write perfect emails, essays, reports and letters. More Info.http://www.bestdriversupdate.com/HPdrivers/ is a good website for you to download and update HP Drivers.
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