According to some North American media reports there are a lot of imported toys being finished with paints containing lead. Large numbers of these imports have been recalled, hopefully we found them all. Considering the number of toys that are imported and the possibility of getting lead paint off these toys one could wonder what the alternative might be.

Some of us who are already retired or at least have some free time should be considering making wooden toys as one of our retirement hobbies. I'm also suggesting to you that there is a substantial market for handmade toys and this latest import problem has just increased that market. The type of handmade toys you choose to make will be determined by your interests and what you determine would be most popular in your area.

Start by getting yourself established with a good supplier of the materials you will need to make wooden toys or any other type of handmade toy you desire to make. You should never use sub-standard materials. I emphasize that quality is especially important for toys, they will get a lot of use and abuse. Quality is important for all practical items that your customers will use on a daily basis. A poorly fabricated toy or anything else you make, will get you a lot of unhappy folks, especially kids and you will quickly lose any customers you had.

Once you have established a relationship with a supplier for your supplies, you will need to consider what's needed in your area and what form your advertising should take. There are several ways in which you can market your toy products. Having a web site that you could direct clients to for a look at the toys you make is a fantastic way to get your name out there and to showcase your work. People who shop online are quick to refer you to their friends if they have had a pleasant experience and are happy with the outcome of their online toy purchase.

Local events and opportunities such as arts and crafts fairs, flea markets, trade shows, small outlet stores and even malls are all possible retail resources that you should investigate. Marketing your custom toy designs to specialty stores is a great way to start your home toy business. Make sure you maintain your level of quality throughout your business dealings and sales process. Anything less will have a negative impact on your success.

Give some of your toys to fund raising drives, silent charity auctions and regular charity auctions that are high profile. Your work will be associated with the high quality of the event. A charity auction is usually designed to raise funds and attracts the people who are eager to buy items at these auctions. Your work will get a lift in the eyes of these people just from your association with the event. This could lead to future sales if you market yourself properly at the event. It's even worth giving away some of your toys so you can say that "so and so" has some of your work. This kind of marketing can only improve your credibility in your local area.

Remember we have protection for intellectual property in the form of design copyrights to be considered. If a customer has a copyrighted design that s/he would like for you to fabricate don't forget this. However, the best part of all of this, the plus side, you can copyright your own designs. Consider this if you design a popular product no matter what it is. This could lead to increased revenues in your Home Based Business. Be vigilant and always try to improve your creation to make it the best it can be before copyrighting.

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For poor credit individuals, qualifying for a car loan might feel like an almost impossible task. However, fear not - you do have the chance to get the wheels you need, regardless of your credit score. Here are 5 tips that you cannot afford to ignore:

1. Prepare to pay a higher down payment and interest rate

It may come as no surprise to you that obtaining car loans for those with poor credit means paying a higher down payment - and paying a higher interest rate - than would someone with good or excellent credit. Of course, some folks with poor credit feel that they have no chance for getting a car loan at all. Happily, that's not true anymore. Regardless of your credit history, somewhere out there is a dealer (paired with a financing company) who will be willing to extend you an auto loan. Go into it knowing that your interest rate will be higher, but also go into it with the confidence that you can get the loan you are looking for.

2. Watch out for lenders who try to inflate their auto prices

There are many auto dealerships who work specifically with people who have poor credit histories. Unfortunately, as with any industry that caters to folks who are down on their luck or have made a few poor financial choices in the past, there will always be a few unscrupulous dealers preying on innocent victims. These dealers may offer what seems to be a fairly competitive interest rate, but at the same time they may choose to jack up the price of the auto loan much higher than car's market value. This is technically not illegal, but borrowers need to beware. Before you sign on the dotted line, check the fair market value of the car you are purchasing. You don't want to end up with a loan that is much higher than the resale value of the car.

3. If you use a dealer network, check out their geographical coverage first

One option for obtaining a bad credit car loan is through a dealer network. These networks are usually accessed through a website. You fill out an application, and your information is then shared with multiple dealers who compete for your business. Dealer networks range in size from 5 to 500 or more dealerships, so make sure that the network you apply with actually has dealers in your area.

4. Consider a multiple submissions network

A multiple submission network is another viable option available to you. This is similar in some ways to a dealer network. The main difference is that with the multiple submission networks you are dealing directly with the lending institutions themselves. After you fill out an online application, it gets passed to multiple potential lenders who then compete to get your business. This competition is a good thing, as you stand to get the lowest rate possible for someone in your credit situation.

5. Do not trade a car that you still owe money on

A final word of warning: be sure to avoid trading in your current car if you still owe money on it. There have been nightmare stories whereby the purchasing dealership defaults on the loan 10 days or so after the transaction is complete, and this can further damage your credit score since it is still in your name.

Bottom line is: getting car loans for those with poor credit is not impossible. In fact, it can be pretty easy, and there a lot of options available to you. Remember to go into the situation armed with all of the facts and watch out for common pitfalls. That way, you will stay out of trouble as you slide behind the wheel of your new vehicle.

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Just under a year ago, I wrote an article listing the ‘Seven Wonders of Havana’, which was a general piece for anyone who was just after the ‘must-see’ bits of an amazing city. The thing is that many of these are swarming with tourists, and it can sometimes get a little overwhelming. Many of our customers who book a luxury holiday in Havana like to find somewhere a bit more calm to take a break and get some peace and quiet. Fortunately, there are a number of tranquil places Cuba’s capital has to offer, so taking a break is easy. Here is my pick of seven of Havana’s tranquil treats:

Jardin Botanico

Havana’s botanical gardens are amongst the most pleasant areas to take a rest in the whole of Havana. There’s nowhere better to sit and enjoy the sunshine than the Japanese Garden, with its calming fountains and waterfalls. The site’s stunning landscape includes flora from all over the Caribbean, making it one of the best things to do in Havana for anyone with an interest in horticulture, or who just enjoys a stroll through beautiful gardens.

Cemetario Cristóbal Colón

The Cemeterio Cristóbal Colón (Christopher Columbus Cemetery) is an unusual attraction of Havana, and certainly not to everyone’s tastes, but then that’s what makes it such a peaceful place to spend an afternoon! The truth is that this cemetery is one of the most beautiful spots in the Caribbean. Since its establishment in 1876, it has grown to host almost 1,000,000 graves – many of which are artistic wonders due to the headstones being styled by famous Cuban sculptors including Ramos Blancos. Those with an interest in religious practices will find the cemetery fascinating too, as it observes the AfroCuban practice of ‘santería’. On a visual level, this means it is not uncommon to see colourfully dressed rag-dolls adorning the graves, as an offering to the deity. An unusual, but peaceful spot to visit on your luxury holiday in Havana.

Parque Central

The Central Park (also known as the Parque Jose Martí) dates back to the pre-revolutionary days of 1903, and is bordered by some classic 19th century buildings. Although this one is more popular with tourists due to the nearby hotels, the well maintained garden, exotic trees and royal palms make sitting here and enjoying the music that drifts over from the nearby clubs a real pleasure and one of the more relaxed things to do in Havana.

Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas (the Square of Arms) is a delightfully quaint corner of Havana to stroll through when you want a break from it all. It has delightful plantlife and is lined by marble benches, perfect for taking the weight off your feet and watching the world go by. During the day, it’s populated by second hand booksellers and at night by couples on holiday in Havana strolling hand in hand along the gas lit square scoping out the local restaurants and bars.

Parque de las Calles 21 y K

The 21st and K Street Park is a great attraction for Havana’s couples, as well as tempting in a number of Havana’s creative types looking for inspiration. Its main feature is a flower filled central space, surrounded by a path shaded with trees. It’s the perfect place to cool off and see if nature can inspire you!

Convento de Santa Clara de Asís

Founded in 1664, the Convent of Saint Clara of Assisi is one of the oldest and largest Spanish colonial monasteries in the island, and now houses the National Center for Restoration, Conservation and Museum Studies. It does have an extremely peaceful feel to it, but this is at odds with its rumoured history, which is full of hidden treasures, harsh punishments and torrid love affairs.

Club de Golf de la Habana

Depending on whether or not you’re a fan of the sport, a game of golf could be the pinnacle of relaxation and calm, or an exercise in total frustration! But whether or not you enjoy the game, the surroundings of the courses are green, picturesque and undeniably tranquil. If you’re not a fan, there are other things to do in Havana’s golf course that may appeal more including a swimming pool, five tennis courts and a bowling green.

While all these place offer their own brand of peace, quiet and tranquility, you will want to make sure that you don’t lose track of time. As delightful as all these places are, you are missing out on what makes Cuba so great if you steer clear of the more vibrant of Havana’s attractions!

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If you are not yet aware of all the goodness packed with every pecan nut, then this will all sound fascinating to you. Every little thing about the pecan nut is indeed interesting. From the nut to the shell, the tree and the making, praline or sugar coated or as a chocolate add-on, the pecan nut is undoubtedly one of the great wonders of the food world. Read on to find out what I mean.

If pecan trees are in itself perfect for they can provide home to a million animals, can provide shade during the hottest summer days, can give warmth and comfort to the earthworms during the cold winter days, then the experience of eating the delicious pecans is more than perfect. That’s just the beginning.

Tanner’s Pecans and Candies is ready to give your nibbling moments a wonderful experience worth remembering.

Pecans Are Nutritious

Pecans are loaded with a lot of nutritious goodness. This is something that has remained non-debatable ever since the nut was discovered to be edible. New research about this really delicious tree nut has shown that they are rich in chemicals called antioxidants that in such a way, a daily serving of pecans is encouraged, as they help ward off a lot of disease. The good thing about eating pecans is that they can also help prevent heart disease, lower the cholesterol level, and can even prevent the dreaded life threatening cancer. Pecans are loaded with phytochemicals – a group of micronutrients that are found in plants – that includes plant sterols, flavonoids, and sulfur compounds.

The Ideal Diet Snack Food

Now much concern has been raised regarding the health benefits brought about by pecan nuts. But all have been answered, and more have been surprised that not only is the nut not harmful to one’s health, it can even aid one face his weight problems. For people who are much concerned about losing weight or are anxious to go beyond their ideal weight, the best snack food for them are pecans. Pecans are low in carbohydrates, a very good source of protein that are easily digestible, and contain minimal sugar, low in saturated fat, and contain no trans fat. Compared to other snack foods, your pecan nut, when eaten in moderation, is definitely beyond compare in many terms. So instead of reaching out for that bag of chips while you’re on a movie marathon with friends, get yourself some praline pecans or some roasted pecans treats and you sure are not only satisfying your sweet tooth cravings, you’re also doing your health one big favor.

Tanner’s Pecans and Candies

Where can one get pecans that are exceptional for its quality, quickly shelled and roasted fresh from the tree, and better tasting that the rest of the pecans offered for sale in the market? You can find it at Tanner’s Pecans and Candies. So if you wish to bring a tin-full, canister-full or bucketful of pecans in your travel, movie date, or family outings, make sure not forget to drop by at Tanner’s Pecans and Candies.

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To publish a book is to become immortal. Why? As a result of your name and most significantly, your concepts will carry on even when you're not physically here on earth. For as long as there are folks who read (for data and for pleasure), accept, or perhaps oppose (for the sake of argumentation and essential analysis) your concepts, your person is alive through that book.

For many--at least for people who have the passion for reading and writing--to be able to publish a book in their lifetime, is an ultimate goal, an final dream. Hence, having been ready to publish a book at least once in their lifetime is already an achievement.

There are many who would wish to publish a book for profit. Why not? Whatever kind of book it's that you have in mind, whether it's literary, fiction or non-fiction, informative, self-facilitate, scientific, medical or investigative, for certain it can sell--if not millions, thousands at least. There are all sorts of readers out there and definitely there's a sure group of bookworms that'll love your book.

Publishing a book these days is easier than ever. Except for the traditional means of publishing a book, there's already the Web, that you'll build use of to quickly, conveniently and affordably publish a book--or rather, an e-book.

Therefore, you want to publish a book? To assist you begin, here are some pointers you'll be able to consider and some tips you'll follow thus you'll be able to make that dream of yours a reality in no time at all.

Get all the information you wish - Initial and foremost, you must recognize how the publishing industry works and that includes e-book publishers. There are what they decision as agents who read manuscripts and book proposals. Many publishing homes take advantage of agents' facilitate choose whether or not a book is price publishing or not. Several publishers conjointly conform to publish a book only when the book has been recommended by these agents.

There are after all tons of alternative writers out there who aspire to publish a book, just like you; certainly, among all those aspirants, there are the most effective, smart and bad writers (well not literally dangerous, however they simply don't meet high standards of most publishers). You may want to travel to an agent 1st or better nonetheless write him a letter to inquire concerning bound procedures in publishing a book and other matters rather than going on to a publishing house and find rejected at once.

Offer an entire and comprehensible proposal - Even when the agent or the publisher has not nonetheless older your inquiry, you ought to already prepare a proposal concerning that book you would like to publish. It ought to embody an summary of your book, a description of your targeted readers, description of printed books that will have similar topic or subject as your book, introduction concerning yourself, and a outline of each chapter of your book or an outline of the story. It would conjointly be useful to state in your proposal how long your book is.

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